Our Intelligent Machine Learning
Makes You a Learning Machine.
intelligent machine learning
We enable you to be safer, avoid accidents and keep costs down right over your phone.
Driving Behviors Infographic

Behavior Matters

Our patented AI technology transforms mobility data into behavior intelligence - right over your phone.

Tourmaline Labs'™ Global Mobility Scores
150 countries and counting ...

Normalize Data

Thousands of Device Types
Normalize to one data stream.

Tourmaline Labs™ cutting-edge normalization technology turns your data from any device into a homogeneous data stream. Instead of you worrying about it, let our machine learning and artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting.

Using patented AI connectivity and analytics, we enable you to wirelessly stream vehicle mobility data without the hassle of physical connectors. The smartphone provides a low cost, widely available platform to collect, evaluate and optimize driving behaviors that is on par with dedicated hardware solutions.

Drive Detection & Recording

Detect starts, stops and record all your routes

Fleet Management Solution

Get going with your own branded mobile workforce solution

Activity Recognition

Distinguish between stationary, pedestrian and driving activities

Always-on Location

Receive position updates 24/7 with minimal battery usage

Runs in the background

Keep working hands-free, no user interaction required

Driving Behavior Scoring & Analytics

Easily transform mobility data into driver scoring and analytics

Minimal battery impact

High-end features delivered over a low-power footprint

Data stream enablement SDKs

Allow your app to seamlessly collect and provision mobility data

Mobile Platform Consistency

Ensure features are consistent between Android & iOS

Crash Detection

When accidents happen, know the when, where and how

context kit SDK location awareness 12000+ device types and counting...