Five Questions for a San Diego Startup: An Interview with Tourmaline Labs’™ CEO

As Tourmaline Labs™ continues to grow and develop its driving behavior software, the company is drawing more and more media attention to its innovative technology. Recently, our CEO Sven Beerweiler gave an interview to Times of San Diego – a news website that regularly writes about startups in technology, biotech and other sectors of local business in the San Diego area.
Mr. Beerweiler answered 5 important questions about the company’s vision and technology. See some of them below:

Why did you start Tourmaline Labs™?

Driving behavior is unmonitored, and getting feedback on how you drive is hard to come by. We saw a huge potential in measuring driving behaviors through a convenient smartphone app. After a year of research (including some trial and error), we were convinced that we could make this happen. So, we started Tourmaline Labs™ to develop technology that could provide location tracking and monitor driving behaviors from any smartphone, without the use of any additional hardware or battery drain.

How does your technology help mobile applications that use GPS positioning?

We utilize the sensors in your phone, allowing you to conserve more battery power because we aren’t using GPS often. Apps are then able to ask us, instead of the GPS system. We use those same sensors to automatically detect the driver’s behavior; technology that we hold two patents for.

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