Our Mission is ...
To create breakthroughs and new possibilities for people, organizations, governments, and society by aggregating global mobility insights leveraging our Artificial Intelligence platform.
Our Values are ...

Find ways to be "the first."
We’re always hustling with a sense of urgency. Speed matters – in technology, in our client’s business, and corporate integrity.

Love the chase for excellence.
We are passionate about delivering excellence, taking ownership and empowerment. We strive to be recognized as trusted expert advisors. We do things the right way!

Think big. Work Lean.
We are keen optimizers and do big things with a lean mentality. Innovating. Automating. Skillful. 10x. Going further.

Adapt when new possibilities loom.
We are adaptive, versatile, open-minded, innovative and daring.

Together we go deep. And far.
We have each other’s back. Every interaction is an opportunity to partner, collaborate and support. When we team up, we create a stimulating and collaborative workplace and trusting clients.

Say "yes" more than "no."
We have a positive, can-do entrepreneurial spirit that takes intelligent risks and isn’t afraid of championing new ideas.

And Live the Values Every Day – Values in action turn credos into an unstoppable force that can move a business forward at light speed.

Our Goal is ...
Bring mobility insights to every person on the planet and to everyone who can gain a desired performance improvement by the use of mobility data.
(i.e., financially, gaining new insights, becoming safer, gains in efficiency)
Our Company ...
Tourmaline Labs™ is an Artificial Intelligence Technology Company that revolutionized efficient and deeper mobility and driver data collection – recording billions of events via mobile phone (or any other device or data source). The company provides the analysis, insights, and interpretation of driver and mobility metrics on a massive scale. Tourmaline Labs™ leads the charge in applying their patented AI methods to aggregating those global mobility insights, which enable the company to create breakthroughs and possibilities for people, organizations, cities, and society. Its platform can score and analyze drivers and mobility data like experts do – but can complete thousands and millions of mobility events, along with many additional variables, in seconds, all with unparalleled measurable accuracy. Our growing team of multi-cultural and multi-language, scientists, engineers, and business specialists is mostly based in the mobility hot-bed of San Diego, California.
Our Solutions ...
The company’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) data analytics solutions provide actionable insights into driving and mobility behaviors that enable multi-driver organizations to proactively assess risk and establish a culture of eco-friendly, safer driving. Some of the companies that are benefiting from Tourmaline Labs’™ breakthrough services include Telematics service providers (TSPs), commercial fleets, Insurance firms, rideshare providers, auto OEMs and consumers. They are now easily acquiring, interpreting, and analyzing hyper-localized and contextualized mobilitybased metrics – all done through a seamless experience with the ordinary smartphone (or any other device/data source), which serves as the dominant data collection-point from which driver metrics are up-streamed on a whole new scale of data collection. Driving the advancements at Tourmaline Labs™ are people recognized for their technical achievements and leadership in engineering, science, technology, and the industries the company serves.