Betterways, a fleet management app, has partnered with Vinli’s hardware platform

The main stage of the 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt event in San Francisco provided the correct setting to announce a partnership which will impact the connected car industry on a global scale.

Tourmaline Labs’™ vision to obtain telematics data from drivers on a global scale provided all the incentive needed to partner with Vinli to integrate their dongle-based service platform into their previously hardware-free fleet management solution,

The Betterways fleet tracking and driver-behavior scoring app will now benefit customers who purchase the Vinli hardware dongle by providing vehicle and engine diagnostics, in addition to the great features already available today on the Betterways platform.

Betterways offers not only driving-behavior scoring and a built-in messenger but also the option to enable a good-driver rewards program, which is managed for the customer as part of the Betterways service. The app has automatic drive-detection to keep track of drives without it being necessary to start and stop the app with each trip. Betterways had all of the aforementioned features built-in except that it did not provide vehicle-specific diagnostics, this is where Vinli excels.

"We are really looking forward to how this partnership between two innovative and forward-thinking tech companies will break through traditional markets, and bring exciting new products into the hands of people and businesses around the world," says the CEO of Tourmaline Labs™, Sven Beerweiler. Tourmaline Labs™ developed the Betterways app and the technology that powers it, based on their patented AI mobile telematics SDK that is now widely used with prominent and industry-leading fleet-tracking providers today.

The integration with Vinli, will allow the Betterways app fleet-management service to reveal engine diagnostic codes to fleet managers on the Betterways app web portal after enabling their Vinli hardware account. Using the app’s new addition, fleet managers will be able to check engine analytics to determine whether their vehicles are in need of maintenance or repairs. Not only will this will keep fleets efficient, but it will also reduce unanticipated changes in logistical and operational planning.

About Tourmaline Labs™

Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. is a company specializing in the development of cutting edge technologies and software that improve the performance of applications or mobile devices that use GPS positioning.Established in 2013 in San Diego, California, Tourmaline Labs™ has a team of world-class programmers and aims to become a leader in providing solutions for mobile phone manufacturers, carriers and app development companies in the US and Europe.

About Vinli

Vinli came out of Dialexa Labs incubator in Dallas, Texas in 2014. Vinli specializes in providing vehicle connectivity using an ODB-II device for 4G LTE WiFi and access to advanced vehicle data systems via their cloud-based platform as well as applications for both drivers and developers using Vinli’s hardware, API’s and SDK’s.

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