A mobile fleet solution that delivers!
Increase safety, limit liability, boost productivity, reduce cost, and stay compliant by managing your drivers on just one platform.

The most innovative mobile workforce app that will change your fleet operation.

  • Increase safety, efficiency
  • Coach drivers to reduce liability
  • Fully automated GPS tracking
  • No hardware – live in minutes
  • No battery drain and no hassle
Extend Your Platform to Mobile
Increase your footprint, grow your customer base, reduce development cost, and risk by extending your telematics platform with our existing fleet app.

The most innovative mobile workforce app that will change your fleet operation.

  • Your platform - Your brand
  • Connect to an existing App
  • No development needed
  • No upfront costs & no risk
  • Give your platform more users
Coach Driver - promote safety and reduce liabilities
Coach your drivers to reduce risk. Demonstrate reasonable driver coaching efforts to fulfill your duties to avoid accidents and to reduce liabilities.

  • Simple to read CoachCards - personalized to fit your driver’s driving behavior
  • CoachCards get send once a week and drivers acknowledge, it takes just 1 minute
  • Managers simply track participation & progress. Fully automate – no overhead
  • Increase safety, reduce accidents, and minimize downtime in your fleet
  • Switch off location tracking to give your driver privacy.
Build Your Fleet App – our SDK got your back
You require telematics, driving, or location related behavior data? Our SDK integrates easily with your existing app - you will be collecting mountains of data in minutes! Best of all – we even turn your data into answers!

  • Integrate in minutes
  • Benefit from millions of miles collected
  • Ready to launch on iOS and Android
  • Focus on YOUR VISION – not on tech
Driving Behavior Matters
Reduce cost, retain good driver, and manage risk by understanding your data.

It is time to turn your data into answers.

  • Benefit from millions of miles collected, analyzed, and
  • Build on a fair and comprehensive driver behavior platform
  • Monetize your data, get insurance discounts or simply increase safety