Tourmaline Labs™, Inc provides a healthy work environment for its employees

Tourmaline Labs™, Inc strives to provide a healthy work environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees. We love to make our employees feel appreciated and we want them to know that we understand the need to be health conscious. We make sure we have healthy and organic snacks and fruits for our employees to enjoy whenever they please. Every working station has a “water of the day” that is accompanied with either lemon, cucumber, mint or cantaloupe and it is refilled throughout the day to ensure our employees stay hydrated and refreshed.

Organic, Almond Milk are also available for a morning glass or just to add to a cup of fresh ground coffee from Organic Shade grown Coffee. Company dinners are held every Monday at a local farm-to-table restaurant that is located within walking distance of our office location. We like to let our employees know that we strongly recommend a walk around beautiful downtown San Diego or go to a nearby green area to kick the ball as a form of exercise after having eaten a nice and healthy lunch.

Gym memberships are also provided at a discounted price and is located just a few blocks away from our office. One of our goals is to ensure that our employees feel good about coming to work. We recently decided that our office space needed a touch of the earth, so we decided to implement produce plants instead of normal office plants. We currently have strawberry’s growing right next to our desks as well as basil mint, lemon balm, chamomile and much more.

We continue to seek better ways to implement new ideas and strategies that will benefit our staff on a healthy level.

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