We combine state-of-the-art driver behavior analytics with actual claims data to uncover answers that empower insurers to reduce cost and retain users - right from the mobile device.
Driving Behavior Matters
Having trouble understanding your data and its value? Turn location, telematics, and driving data into actionable answers that open new monetization streams and boost your product's performance.

  • Benefit from millions of miles collected, analyzed, and
  • Build on a fair and comprehensive driver behavior platform
  • Monetize your data, get insurance discounts or simply increase safety
Build Your Insurance App – Our SDK Will Have Your Back
Fleet App SDK
Do you require telematics, driving, or location-related behavior data? Our SDK integrates easily with your existing app so you will be collecting mountains of valuable data in minutes! Best of all – we even turn your data into answers!

  • Integrate in minutes
  • Benefit from millions of miles collected
  • Ready to launch on iOS and Android
  • Focus on YOUR VISION – not on tech