Geofencing SDK

Geofence SDK

Apps often rely on location information to the benefit of the user experience. However, retrieving location data comes at a price - typically it comes with heavy battery consumption. Regardless of the brand and model of the target device, minimizing location sampling while providing accurate positioning is difficult, time-consuming, and costly to develop.

Tourmaline Labs created a product called ContextKit GeoFe (ContextKit Geofencing) providing a solution at a fraction of the cost.

geofence service sdk

ContextKit GeoFe is an SDK available for iOS and Android which enables the user to set up geofences while maintaining constant location awareness after initial integration. ContextKit GeoFe does not require additional hardware, unlike beacons, yet still provides an out of the box solution. Today it is running in applications that are used by people on a daily basis distributed via the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Our easy to integrate SDK minimizes the usage of power hungry GPS calls and therefore maximizes battery life. To detect if a geofence is triggered it utilizes various sensors in the device together with our unique sensor fusion technology to achieve location awareness without the constant need of GPS calls.

Out of the box, our GeoFe SDK is enabled for up to 10,000 geofences per user which can be created via smartphone and web application. User and group admins can further manage their geofences by setting automatic notifications to be received when a device enters or exits a specific geofence. GeoFe SDK works on both Android and iOS and maintains location awareness continuously in the background to provide location information according to your app’s needs. Thanks to the ability to perform geo location­awareness computation on the device, there is not a strict dependency to maintain connectivity to the cloud. As a result, your application continues to be location­aware for extended periods of time even without a data connection.

ContextKit GeoFe provides SDK APIs to receive location information:

  • once a geofence has been entered
  • once a geofence has been exited
  • about the date, time of the day, and time spent in a geofence boundary

ContextKit GeoFe Cloud is part of our GeoFe product line. User data is available for analysis through a web application as well as through comprehensive REST­APIs.


ContextKit GeoFe Cloud’s web application enables you to set up geofences, monitor user behavior and receive notifications when geofences are entered and exited. Furthermore, it lets you visualize user data in various ways including extensive data analysis, reports and statistical graphs. The analytic capabilities range from general movement statistics to behavior analysis and demographic information, all derived from the user's location history. All statistics can be easily exported to an Excel file or CSV.

ContextKit GeoFe Cloud’s REST­API provides you with a query interface into the data as well as the data analytics. Information integration with your existing server is available upon request.

Use Cases

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