Humanizing Autonomy

Driving well is a relative thing, dependent on context and ingrained behavior as much as on learned skills, experts say — and this notion applies equally to both humans [...]

Contextual-aware driving behaviour: What is it?

The traditional way to assess driving behaviour is to combine quantifiable events such as acceleration, braking, swerving, cornering, etc. with data on the vehicle’s location. That’s the way usage-based insurance operates, says Bob Emmerson [...]

Driver Scoring and Analytics

Turn your telematics data into meaningful key performance indicators to drive your decision making. Analyze your data (from mobile devices or from your hardware) with our patented artificial intelligence driver behavior scoring & analytics platform.[...]

Geofencing SDK

Apps often rely on location information to the benefit of the user experience. However, retrieving location data comes at a price - typically it comes with heavy battery consumption. [...]

Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. acquired telematics software company Zenhavior Inc.

The company is developing new products in contextual analytics.

SAN DIEGO, CA - On December 12, 2014 San Diego, California based company Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. announced the acquisition of Zenhavior Inc. from earlier this year. Zenhavior Inc. developed accurate telematics software for smartphones and founder Dr. Lukas Kuhn accepted to become CTO of Tourmaline Labs™, Inc..[...]