Mobile telematics for fleets going mainstream

Since the 1990’s, the fleet management market has been utilizing telematics services (such as location tracking and arrival notifications) to help fleet managers run their operations effectively. More often than not, these services required users to install hardware like a Canbus or telematics dongle directly to their vehicle, which was often difficult to purchase, ship and install. And if the company did not own the vehicle, the installation was even more difficult. But, the advancements in technology have made operating telematics services much easier.

Currently, smartphones are being used in fleets as a painless alternative to installing hardware. TourmalineLabs’ smartphone app-based fleet tracking software provides fleet customers with features that allow them to monitor their drivers in terms of safety and efficiency. Through the app, management can monitor whether their operators are driving recklessly by texting and driving, breaking abruptly or speeding, and then use the collected data to provide feedback. They can even choose to incentivize good driving behaviors with a rewards program to promote better habits and create lasting change.

Not only does the app provide each driver with a driving score, which is synced to his or her phone and stays with them regardless of what vehicle they are in, but it is also available to go live instantly. This eliminates the time it would take to install hardware into the vehicle, and also allows management to monitor individuals immediately. For instance, a supervisor could track a newly hired employee to insure they are benefiting the company.

TourmalineLabs also allows users to customize their apps with their telematics service provider’s logo, so they can offer fleet-tracking solutions to a specific customer base.

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