Location. Scoring. Context.
Every day we are discovering how mobility data on our planet can be better connected, visualized, and utilized than anyone ever imagined. These discoveries have become the Tourmaline Labs™ solutions that help everyone tap into all-new insights to gain a desired performance improvement by the use of mobility data.
Mobility Solutions Tourmaline Labs
An Overview of the Solutions.
Driving Location: When and Where

TL Trip™

TL Trip is a location-aware SDK available for iOS and Android. It provides out-of-the-box, always-available location awareness to your application. What makes TL Trip do things others can’t is its easy-to-integrate SDK that minimizes the usage of power-hungry GPS calls – and therefore maximizes the battery lives of the devices running it.

Less Reliance on Power-Draining GPS Calls Means Better Data.

This advantage can achieve location awareness without the constant need of GPS calls, performing all the location-awareness computations on the device, with no strict dependency to maintain connectivity to the cloud. As a result, your application continues to be location-aware for extended periods of time, even without a data connection, which means you’ll have more data – better data – to utilize in improving the way you use location awareness and drive-detection information.

TL Trip Provides Location and Drive Information:

  • Upon request
  • At specified time intervals
  • Once a predefined distance has been traveled
  • Once a predefined time interval has passed with no movement
  • With route information, including date and time traveled

Driving Behavior: Scores and Events

TL Behavior™

TL Behavior is a context-aware, behavior analytics Cloud platform from Tourmaline Labs that provides deep insight into how and why people drive the way they do. It incorporates powerful contextual behavior analytics, a purposeful scoring system, and positive reinforcement driver coaching that enables organizations to pro-actively increase ROI and manage risk.

TL Behavior combines biometric-analytics and a context-aware AI engine that harmonizes event-based driving in context with the driving environment. The result is a driving behavior score that is meaningful, relatable, and relevant. The solution includes a visually-rich web-based UX that displays activity, scores, stats and report-cards for each driver, team or fleet.

Start With Safety. Then Navigate Your Risks.
Empower your drivers with TL Behavior’s smart tools to get them safely from point A to point B. Then adopt reward-based risk assessments to boost good driving behaviors.

Drive Your Productivity and Profitability.
Stay ahead of the competition – in safety and cost-saving efficiency – with a workforce committed to safe driving, improved fuel usage, and better vehicle uptime.

Monetize Your Mobility Experience.
Provide your customers with the smartest driving platform that increases safety and designed around their needs – while providing new revenue opportunities.

Insight: Event-Based Context and Analytics

TL Insight™

The TL Insight platform provides rich insights into how people drive – around the globe. Your city can get smarter with TL Insight because it relies on actual data, not out-of-date and generally incomplete surveys and studies.

Data Processing Algorithms Create Truer Behaviorial Insights:
Our data processing algorithms enable a homogeneous data stream that turns non-homogeneous data streams (which tend to produce conflicting data) into homogeneous data streams. As a result, data streams from different types of devices utilizing arbitrary sensor platforms produce the same data – and consequently the same behavioral analysis – when exposed to the same movements.

Event-Based Analytics – Context is King:
TL Insight incorporates the detection of specific mobility events that provide indications of aggressive, distracted, and/or inefficient behavior. Each event is annotated with time, duration, and location information and is extracted based on thresholds that are set based on different driving conditions, environments, and population characteristics.

Behavioral Biometrics Produce Accurate Mobility Scoring:
Our behavior-based mobility intelligence platform enables fair and consistent mobility scoring results. Behavioral biometrics is crucial to providing accurate mobility scoring. The statistical performance over an entire drive is monitored, in addition to looking for specific driving events. The driver is evaluated over time to derive a deeper understanding of a driver’s behavior than ever before possible.

What Mobility Intelligence Looks Like.
Mapping and Fleet View:
View all driver locations on a map, and each driver’s on/off duty status, as well as track them throughout the work day.
Driver View and Routes:
View trip histories and on/off duty status. Boost productivity, improve dispatch services, and increase customer satisfaction with locations and exact route mapping.
Scoring and Stats Dashboard:
The advanced scoring data calculated on the mobile app can be reviewed indepth in the analytics dashboards.
Normalize Data