Monthly Subscription Per
24/7 Location awareness with distance/hours driven/time of day
Mobility detection & recording
Reverse geocoding - address
Sensor-agnostic data calibration & cleaning for compability with any smartphone or device
Start/stop time
Trip & activity dashboards
Turn-by-turn route
Automated notifications with driver, event & phone usage alerts
30-dimensional driver behavior (output)
Advanced calibration & normalization
Predictive driver scoring & risk assessment
Fleet & driving behavior dashboard
Contextual mobility behavior intelligence (N)
Crash detection intelligence
Driver & mobility behavior - benchmarking
Intelligence modules & dashboards
Mobility environment intelligence
TL Trips
When & Where
$3.00 USD
(international pricing available)
TL Behavior
Behavior Scores & Events
$5.00 USD
(international pricing available)
TL Insight
Contextual Mobility
$7.00 USD
(international pricing available)
Need more insights?
Access to Tourmaline Labs'™ global mobility intelligence data is available through our data subscription plans. While the TL Open API/SDK is easy to implement and free of charge – the transfer of information and the utilization of our mobility intelligence data are subscription based.