Tourmaline Labs™ Incorporates Contextual Intelligence in its Driving Behavior Solution

TL BEHAVIOR Contextual Analytics Promote Safety, Lower Risks and Costs across a Broad Range of Industry Use-Cases

Detroit, MI – June 6th, 2017 - Tourmaline Labs™, a leading provider of contextual driving behavior intelligence, today announced that it will be showcasing TL BEHAVIOR at TU-Automotive Detroit. At the show, Dr. Lukas Kuhn will be participating on the panel titled Consumer Acceptance of Automation located in the Crystal Ballroom, on June 8th at 12:10 p.m., to discuss the importance of analyzing driving behavior.

TL BEHAVIOR, the company’s flagship driving behavior analytics platform, enables Telematics Service Providers (TSPs), Auto OEMs, ride-share providers and insurance companies with the tools, methodologies and expertise to create best-in-class applications. What sets TL BEHAVIOR apart is a patented machine-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that utilizes contextual analytics and biometrics to analyze driving behaviors. The result is a comprehensive analytics solution that examines driver handling and focus in context with the external driving environment.

Reconciling driving events (acceleration, braking, swerving, cornering, etc.) with contributing external factors, including weather, traffic, city vs. highway and localized driving culture, has the effect of removing bias and essentially “leveling-the-playing-field”. This data fusion not only helps fleet operators easily track the driving events, scores, and stats of their staff, but also systematizes coaching for each individual driver.

Drivers benefit by being able to see how well they are driving compared to others in their team or fleet and take action to continuously improve risky driving habits. The benefits of the analytics engine also extend to industry applications that need to closely monitor diver safety, fuel economy, and route efficiency, mandated by local and state regulatory agencies. And early-adopters of Usage Based Insurance (UBI)/Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) programs also stand to benefit by enabling insurers to reconcile contextual behavior analytics with the accident history and the actuarial profiles of their policyholders, leading to better understanding of causal risk factors.

Our patented context-aware AI engine provides TSPs, Insurers, Auto OEM’s and ride-share providers a multi-dimensional behavior scoring platform that ‘calibrates and normalizes’ telematics data in context with the driving environment so that they can build rich and meaningful driving-experiencessaid Lukas Kuhn, Founder and CTO, Tourmaline Labs™ “This results in behavior scoring methodology that is unbiased, relatable and positively reinforces good driving habits, which means safer roads, less risk and lower costs.

Tourmaline Labs’ driving behavior analytics platform seamlessly integrates across the technology landscape, from big data cloud analytics, to distributed block-chain data-lakes, to fog-computing systems operating at the IoT network-edge. Already deployed in over 90 countries, TL BEHAVIOR ships pre-calibrated with 800+ devices (including smartphones, tablets, OEM OBD-interfaces, GPS tracking dongles and computers) so it integrates easily and rapidly to solve challenges across a broad range of current industry use-cases.

  • Consumers are able to take advantage of an engaging and interactive user-experience (UX) that enables them to track their driving scores, improve their driving habits and keep themselves and their families safer behind the wheel.
  • Fleet operators have tools and know-how to uncover hidden behavioral trends of their staff and build training programs that incentivize responsible driving habits. The streamlined UX helps managers save time, and quickly focus on potential problems while drivers are presented with a simplified smartphone scoring and notification app that is engaging and informative.
  • Insurers are able to tap into telematics data-lakes and easily integrate context-aware scoring to build predictive analytics models that help them accurately assess causal risk factors. This results in incentive-based UBI programs that offer policyholders greater control over their ownership experience and compelling cost-saving insurance policies that foster safe and responsible driving habits.
  • TSPs and System Integrators (SI) are able to easily white-label powerful contextual behavior analytics into their own telematics solutions by utilizing comprehensive collection of click-n-fit APIs and SDKs. This rapid go-to-market approach enables them to focus on building rich, value-added telematics solutions while spending less time integrating complex analytics.
  • Ride-share and other emerging mobile and social media startups offering leading-edge telematics-based solutions are able to easily integrate advanced contextual behavior analytics into their development roadmaps. This enables rapid go-to-market and a distinctive value-proposition that certifies the driving capabilities of their 3rd party contractors, offers customers a value-added UX and reduces their insurance liability footprint.

Incorporating powerful contextual behavior analytics, purposeful scoring system and positively-reinforced driver coaching, provides a compelling solution for any organization seeking to pro-actively understand, manage and mitigate risk, reduce liability, reduce vehicle maintenance costs and optimize fuel usage. TL BEHAVIOR sets the bar as a “market disrupter” in its ability to fundamentally change the way companies promote safe driving practices, monetize value-added services and become more pro-active in preventing accidents.

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