Safety. Productivity. Monetization.
TL Behavior Scores Are Today’s Smartest Tool for Increasing ROI and Managing Risk.
TL Behavior is a context-aware, behavior analytics Cloud platform that provides deep insight into how and why people drive the way they do. It incorporates powerful contextual behavior analytics, a purposeful scoring system, and positive reinforcement driver coaching that enables organizations to pro-actively increase ROI and manage risk.
TL Behavior
Start With Safety.
Protect the things that matter by empowering your drivers with the tools to get them from A to B safely and efficiently.
Navigate Your Risks
Adopt reward-based risk assessments that incentivize good driving behaviors and reduce premiums, liability and loss.
Drive Productivity. Realize Profitability
Stay ahead of the competition with a workforce committed to safe driving, improved fuel usage and better vehicle uptime.
Monetize the Connected-Car Experience
Offer your customers a driving platform that is safe, designed around their needs and provides new revenue opportunities.
Contextual Behavior Intelligence Is Baked-In
Contextual Driving Behvior Intelligence Infographic
TL Behavior processes mobility data from any smartphone or embedded vehicle device to produce deep insight into driving behaviors. This multi-dimensional scoring approach also helps companies evaluate driving ability based on Handling or Focus so that they may quickly correct poor driving, incentivize good driving and uncover hidden behavior trends.
Contextual Behavior Mobility Scoring Platform

TL Behavior combines biometric-analytics and a context-aware AI engine that harmonizes event-based driving in context with the driving environment. The result is a driving behavior score that is meaningful, relatable and relevant.

Context Aware Behavior Intelligence

TL Behavior is a next-gen context-aware analytics platform that levels the playing field by reconciling driving-data with the driving-environment resulting in a meaningful and purposeful behavior scoring system. The solution includes a visually-rich web-based UX that displays activity, scores, stats and report-cards for each driver, team or fleet.

Features Include:
  • Normalized multi-dimensional driver scoring
  • Compatible with any smartphone or device
  • Fully integrated contextual-awareness AI
  • Advanced biometric and event analytics engine
  • Sensor-agnostic data calibration and cleansing
  • Predictive driver scoring and risk assessment
  • Independent Drive Handling and Driver Focus scoring
  • Visually-rich dashboard and reporting UX
  • Automated notification and alerting
  • Click-n-Fit integration and seamless signal processing
  • Distinguish between driver and passenger

Driving Insight that Powers your Industry

The platform enables Mobility Solution Providers, Auto OEMs, and Insurance firms to easily integrate next-generation behavior analytics into their solutions and improve safety, increase productivity and lower costs. Shipping companies, insurance agencies, utilities, construction firms and other service providers who depend on fleet operations, now have access to a value-added driver scoring and coaching system that is consistently unbiased, accurate and reliable.

Here’s Who Can Benefit from Being Powered by Driving Insight:
  • Cable & Telecom
  • Child Protection
  • Construction
  • Delivery Companies
  • Field Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Marine Tracking
  • Oil, Gas, & Mining
  • Pet Tracking
  • Rental Car Services
  • Security
  • Teen Driver Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Utilities
  • VIP Tracking
  • Waste Management
An Innovative Mobile Solution
TL Fleet is a powerful white-label, Smartphone-based fleet management solution developed to facilitate fleet operations and reduce costs.
Features Include:
  • Reporting Suite
  • Snapshot and Dashboard View
  • Full Messaging Capabilities
  • Free Data APIs
  • Driver Grouping
  • Unlimited Historical Data
  • Driver Behavior Scoreboard
  • Driver Tracking and Activity Log
  • No Hardware to Install— Mobile App Available for iOS and Android
Developed With Your Business Needs in Mind.
Branded for you
We offer a custom white-label fleet management solution which includes an app available for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as a fleet management portal. Our comprehensive fleet tracking solution is fully managed and scalable for small independentlyowned fleets to larger industry-leading fleet organizations.
Fully managed by us
Our rapid turnaround time means your company can have a branded, no-hardware fleet management solution in only five working business days. We create and manage your comprehensive fleet management solution including: creating the app stores, branding the smartphone apps, and releasing your branded solution.
Available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store
Your app will be available on iTunes and/or the Play store. We will create and update your app stores so you do not have to worry about doing it yourself. You do not need to manage application updates, app store descriptions or screenshots, we do it all for you.
Industry-Leading Mobile App Features
driver score app
Driver Score
All data is captured directly on a smartphone, eliminating the need for costly hardware. Drivers can see their behavior score in the app. The score stays with the individual driver, not the vehicle.
Driving Trip Logs
Trip Log
Drives are auto-detected and logged. It is not necessary for a driver to remember to start or start the app.
Messaging and Tasks
Integrating messaging allows for real-time efficient communication and task delegation between fleet managers and drivers to boost productivity.
Driver Work Schedule App
Work Schedule
Drivers can set their custom work hours. Personal drives outside of “On Duty” hours will not be logged or given a score.
An Intelligent Web Interface to Optimize Operations
Mapping and Fleet View
With Mapping and Fleet View, you will see all driver locations on a map, and each driver’s on/off duty status, as well as track them throughout the work day.
Driver View and Routes
Boost driver accountability with a record of trips taken while on duty and a history of their on/off duty status. Fleet managers can boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction with locations and exact route mapping to improve dispatch services.
Scoring and Stats Dashboard
The advanced scoring data calculated on the mobile app can be accessed via the API and reviewed in-depth in the analytics dashboards. Analytics from the smartphone include:
  • Acceleration
  • Breaking
  • Turning
  • Swerving
  • Jerking
  • Phone Use and Distraction
Additional analytics data collected:
  • Multidimensional Population Models
  • City versus High Speed Separation
  • Vehicle Classification Adjustments
Driver Rewards Program
Driver behavior scoring allows Fleet Managers to increase fleet ROI by evaluating unsafe behavior for coaching to lower risk and by incentivizing good driving behavior to increase employee loyalty and self-monitoring.
An Intelligent Web Interface to Optimize Operations
Turnkey Product Rollout
Easily manage everything right from the web management portal. Rollout the solution and go live within minutes—no hardware, no downtime, no additional costs. The solution is ready out-of-the-box. A Fleet Manager can invite drivers and start collecting data the same day with just a few mouse clicks.