Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. and Google to Rent Virtual Servers in Russia’s Cloud

Internet giants Google and software startup Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. to utilize e-commerce expansion by renting space in data center locations

SAN DIEGO, CA – April 15, 2015 – Proving themselves to be business savvy, Tourmaline Labs™, Inc., formulators of Contextual Mobile Awareness in Real Time (CMART), has moved a portion of their data storage overseas and up into the “Clouds.” This rapidly evolving technology start up company is amongst a group of pioneers making the big move to Russian land for a storage alternative.

Ecommerce News, online blog source focused on the European e-commerce industry, has reported that the majority of Europe’s Internet users come from Russia with approximately 59% of adults having Internet access. Since last year, the country's industry has seen significant demand and subsequent growth in its commercial data sector. The demand has lead to the development of numerous new data centers with a wealth of available servers. Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. has decided to enrich their data storage bank.

The San Diego-based technology and software company, Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. is not alone. Following this developing trend of server rack acquisition, is prolific U.S. American multinational Internet giant, Google, who is reportedly maintaining over a dozen racks. In addition, eBay, multinational e-commerce company and its subdivision PayPal, known world-wide as a reliable online system of payment processing, will also be making the move with data transfers.

A source from within Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. calls the company’s acquisition of virtual servers a “success.” More information about this developing company and its technology can be discovered on their website

About Tourmaline Labs™, Inc.

Tourmaline Labs™, Inc. operates a central office out of San Diego, CA. The company develops software as well as mobile apps with minimal battery consumption which uses the calibrated sensors of devices, such as smart phones, for GPS location and behavioral monitoring services. Aiming to become an industry leader with a world-class team of programmers, this technology and software development company is currently providing solutions for mobile phone manufacturers, carriers, and app development companies in the U.S., Russia, and Europe.

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