Visit Tourmaline Labs™ at the Fleet Safety Conference

Visit Tourmaline Labs™ at the Fleet Safety Conference and learn about driving behavior intelligence.

What is driving behavior intelligence? Drivers won’t change their behavior without first understanding how well they drive.

Tourmaline Labs™ state-of-the-art driving behavior data analytics platform provides visibility into your high-risk drivers, insights into what behaviors are trending in your fleet, along with what drivers need to focus on to improve individual habits to lower accident risk probabilities.

If you have massive amounts of driving data, our powerful artificial Intelligence and machine learning engine cleans, calibrates, normalizes, contextualizes and hyper-localizes your data and returns comprehensive and actionable driving behavior analytics.

If you don’t have telematics data, we also offer a turnkey, white-labeled, smartphone-based fleet management and driver behavior solution, in addition to a software development kits (SDK) if you have your own mobile app, empowering you to go live in hours or days (vs. weeks or months) to readily uncover hidden behavioral trends of your drivers.

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